Website Success Master Class

Learn How to Make Your Website
More Profitable & Easier to Manage

How to Save Time, Take Control
and Automate Without Overwhelm

We spend so much time in our business that we forget about ourselves. We’re overwhelmed, but responsible. We have lots of ideas, but no time to execute. We have a ToDo list, but haven’t completed the important things.

We all know that a good website can bring us leads and opportunities & that benefits those who depend on it.

Do you find that it is too easy to put off working on your business
because you are too busy working in our business?

Our websites and blogs are neglected because we aren’t sure where to begin…or even how to login.

Let’s stop doing that! Let’s add real value, measure our efforts and create things that produce results. Real results that drive to the organization’s goals; More Revenue, More Donors, More Subscribers, More Time. More, more, more!

NAMS Conference – Atlanta

I will teach you how to do this.

I will teach you how to fully understand the needs of your customers.

I will teach you how to set up your website to convert visitors to buyers.

I will teach you to get the right visitors to your site affordably.

I will teach you how to make your competitors uncomfortable and wary.

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes.
It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.”
Warren Buffet

In 21 years, I have worked with hundreds of website owners on developing a beneficial online presence. From coaching dozens of gift shop owners, hotel managers, manufacturers and eye doctors to find their audiences who will buy online or in person.

Small business owners have the most to gain but have the least amount of time or money and I want to help.

Metropolitan Club

I’m Kurt Scholle and I’ve been building and marketing websites for more than 20 years for businesses both large and small. I have helped hundreds of people at chamber of commerce functions, online teleseminars & webinars and at conferences across America.

My focus has always been about getting my clients a Return On Investment (ROI) of their investment of time and money.

There are 3 primary keys to having a successful website:

  • Understanding what your ideal client, referred to as an ‘avatar’ or ‘target persona’ needs and especially the solutions they are looking for.
  • Presenting content that not only meets those needs, but makes your prospect want to choose your product or service.
  • Getting enough visitors to see your online offer without breaking the bank.

The key is not to get too consumed reading books or watching videos to learn how to do it yourself.

And sometimes people never get beyond the learning stage and getting into the earning stage.

Am I right?

What’s working now.
WordPress and website builders have made creating attractive websites with functionality, that used to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, within the affordable reach of even the smallest businesses. Whether you’re selling online, looking to build a relationship that leads to a sale or trying to get more foot traffic to your store or office, the technology is available!

Who’s got your money? Website Success depends on completely understanding your target market and your prospect’s needs and where they hang out. What is their…

  • Title or Role?
  • Gender & Age?
  • Location?
  • Income?
  • Biggest Need?
  • Favorite Facebook Group?
  • Favorite Blog?
  • Favorite YouTube Channel?
  • Favorite Book?

Just add a compelling offer and get enough traffic to your site and you have increased sales like clockwork. It doesn’t take much effort to maintain, which gives you more time for your business, family and friends. Create the life you’ve imagined.

Take Action, Revise Later
A good friend of mine, a marketer and best-selling author, used to say, “Done is better than perfect.” Which means ‘don’t procrastinate’ and don’t wait to launch until it’s perfect.

“Procrastination is one of the most popular forms of
self-sabotage because it is so easy.”
Badass Author Jen Sincero

Introducing the first, Comprehensive All-Inclusive Training Program for Website Owners and Managers…

Website Success Training

The Website Success Master Class will teach you how to…

  • NIU Naperville

    Create perfect client avatars that help you understand how to find prospects who need you and want your solution.

  • Develop website & blog content that attracts your best prospects who will buy your product or service.
  • Drive qualified leads to your site using organic and paid traffic that results in an ROI.
  • Build an Email list to engage clients and prospects whenever you want.
  • Monitor progress and have metrics for better decision-making.

This 6-week course will meet online and the recordings will always be available any time you like. We can continue the conversations in our private Facebook group. You will get one-on-one training at the beginning and end of the course to make sure that your specific needs are realized.

The course is available for only a short time at a significant savings. Order today and pay only $395.

100% No-Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee
If at any time in the first 2 weeks of the Website Success Master Class you decide it isn’t right for you, just send an email and your entire tuition will be refunded No Questions Asked.


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